The population across the land of Vaaladur has declined and shifted over the past 300 years. Many of the dwarves, elves and other non-human races have left, human populations were recently reduced by a series of plagues. The people that acted as the glue that held Vaaladur together and helped it to achieve balance and peace were gone. Meanwhile less savory and honorable people and races became more prevalent, seizing opportunity, growing in numbers, resources and regional control.

Races of beings that were once thought of as rare, exotic or underground became more mainstream, more heard of, seen and encountered. The climate was right for the makings of a gigantic power struggle as the different factions now vie for dominance and control of Vaaladur.

The chief faction are the Tradians, a growing empire led by King Edgar and Prince Horace. They have secured settlements in the south and intend to expand the empire northward across Vaaladur. Their capital is the city of Gorgorath. They claim their conquest is to strengthen the solidarity of humanity but they expand their empire by intimidation and force. Those absorbed into the empire must confess complete allegiance to the king and pay a hefty tribute. Edgar and Horace declare they are the new monarchy.

There is a growing force in the Darkwood. Exactly how powerful is not known but any scouting, even remotely near the edge of the wood has reported a high level of activity; swarms of twisted bestial forms have been spotted freely but purposefully roaming about.

From the shadowed caverns, corners and crevices of the world all sorts of beings seem to be crawling out, larger in numbers, fierce in intent, no longer limited to skulking in the shadows but now confidently adventuring and claiming the countryside. Elves and dwarves of dark disposition and mal-intent, orcs, goblins and creatures even more foul are abound.

Men living in the north, unlike their counterparts in the south in the Tradian Empire, continue to honor their commitment to the Allied City-States of Vaaladur (ACSV) Pact. The ACSV has been shaken by the shift and with the City-States in the south being claimed by the Tradian Empire the ACSV has a questionable future.

Of course this shifting of power from light to dark, good to evil, organization to chaos has been long predicted. Equilibrium must be achieved, for ultimately everything must balance out in the world over time. For all those years of progress and peace now must be counterbalanced, it is the way of the world and the responsibility of the Divine Balance, God Lygus to preserve.

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The Balance of Vaaladur