• Arastis


    Arastis is a young, naive but capable hunter with a mysterious childhood that has left him horribly scarred.
  • Sharpton Jones

    Sharpton Jones

    Sharpton is a well dressed, charasmatic priest that enjoys the finer things in life.
  • Ginjuin


    Ginjuin is a wildman, born in the Passage of Myrkur as a slave child. He has never experienced life beyond its walls.
  • Humguard Jr.

    Humguard Jr.

    Humguard is fairly young military commander and is desperate to prove himself as much. Unfortunately, he lives in the shadow of his father.
  • Humguard Sr.

    Humguard Sr.

    Humguard Sr. is a retired and celebrated war hero who is deeply loved and respected.
  • Merna Mecklen

    Merna Mecklen

    Merna is a well-spoken, educated and beautiful woman daughter of the Lord of Brigham.
  • William "Fish"

    William "Fish"

    Fish is a young boy, orphaned by his parents and raised by the politicians and priests of Brigham.